Clear lots of ground for your tents!
    Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!”

Isaiah 54:2

Work has started! There is still a long way to go, with the building and the final finances – but it’s great to see the vision becoming a reality!



Being the people of God, fulfilling the purpose of God has been the enduring vision of Hazlemere Church and one which we continue to put at the heart of everything we do. With this as our focus, we need facilities and spaces which are fit for purpose to help us serve God’s Mission and the community of Hazlemere – now and into the future.

The building at Holy Trinity has hit a glass ceiling – limiting ministry growth and fresh expressions of church. It needs to develop and change in a way that enables the church to fulfil its purpose in the 21st century. We believe now is the time for us to respond to where God has been leading his church over the last 180 years.


Our call as a church is to be shaped for mission and be a blessing to those around us. As culture changes, we need to respond by adapting our forms and expressions of church so we can continue to connect with our community.  

Society has shifted. We engage relationally more and more through the cafe culture. Its a place where people can explore ideas and build friendships in an informal and relaxed environment.

Trinity centre will provide this dedicated hospitality, welcome and cafe space. It will open the opportunity for fresh expressions of church so that mission can be released.


The Holy Trinity site has served us well for 180 years. But…the building is breaking and at capacity. We are limited in the growth, variety and depth of the ministry for all ages that we engage in.

By repairing, improving and expanding our facilities, we will enable growth in our current ministries and prepare the way for envisioned possibilities and even things we’ve yet to imagine.

This will have a positive impact on capacity and creativity in our Sunday gatherings as well as enabling the multitude of ministries that will and can happen midweek.


As the local Anglican church our desire is to serve our community. We want the expanded and enhanced Holy Trinity site to be a significant community hub for the people of Hazlemere.

Trinity Centre will offer a place of hospitality, a safe home, and a warm environment where relationships can be fostered and specific needs met.

With greater space and the multi-functional rooms, we will be in a position to respond to the growing challenges and demands of life today. 



Over the last few years, a skilled team has been working with Allen Associates to develop these plans that maximise the footprint of the Holy Trinity Site.

Each element of the design has been scrutinised to ensure at every level we develop excellent and durable facilities.

The multi-functional spaces are highly adaptable to cater for the diverse needs of a thriving church and a community hub.

This contemporary design has received planning permission (2017) and provisional Diocesan Approval.

Previous work from Allen Associates:

Atrium Cafe: Ideal for parents with toddlers, seniors, after-school youth drop-ins, a warm & affordable place to connect.
Trinity Lounge: Multi-Functional space to resource parenting courses, debt counselling, youth mentoring, intern program and a safe place for those struggling with mental health.
Stunning Glass Entrance: this improves the visibility and openness of the church and enhances our presence in the community.
Improved Audio & Visual System: This will greatly impact our corporate worship times.
Pastoral / Counselling Rooms: These quiet spaces will enable us to offer a greater depth of care for those journeying towards wholeness.
Greatly Improved Disability Access: Our site is used by people of all ages and mobility – this will ensure vital easy access.
Regular Sunday seating capacity increased by 50%.
Expanded & Improved Office Space. Accommodate our growing staff team and act as a hub for local ministry and global mission.
Contemporary External Landscaping: This beautifully designed area will offer outside seating and space for reflection.
Removal of Mezzanine: Increased space offers greater capacity for a wide range of events.





THE PROJECT COST: 2.3 million

The full project cost encompasses the vital modernisation, repair and re-ordering of the existing worship space, a complete re-landscaping including a large terrace area and the new Trinity Centre with the Trinity Lounge, Atrium Cafe and multifunctional rooms. In addition, we are budgeting for a season of relocation and accommodation during the building phase.


The leadership of the church wholeheartedly believe that this is God’s plan for us as the local Anglican church in Hazlemere. We are committed to turning this vision into reality.

The pace of the development will be determined by the generosity of the church and the flow of funds. This will dictate the realistic and attainable start of the building phases.

What is the breakdown of the cost?

Landscaping & Access

Vital Repair Work

Improve & Reorder

Trinity Centre

Reaching our Target




Trinity Centre will make a real difference in real peoples lives… here’s just some of what our current users are looking forward to…

This new, improved building is going to revolutionise our experience within the church and create an increased sense of belonging in the community


It will be so great having better facilities where I can bring my new baby, meet new people in such a lovely space


An important part of the bowls club is the opportunity to welcome people from the local community and to socialise together. The new community cafe will be a perfect place to do this!