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Session 1: Ephesians 1
Lifegroup Notes

Session 2: Ephesians 2
Lifegroup & Sermon Notes

Session: 1
Introduction (sermon notes)

Session: 2
Sermon handout
Wellbeing in the Bible: LIFEgroup Notes

Session: 3
Peace of Mind (Day 1 of ‘Wellbeing’ by Dave Smith)
Sermon handout 

Session: 4
Physical Wellbeing (See days 8-12 & 14 of ‘Wellbeing’)
Sermon Notes

Session: 5
The Body Matters (Part 2 – the Body of Christ)
SHAPE Handout
Lifegroup Notes

Session: 6
Healing and Wholeness (see day 13 of ‘Wellbeing’)
Sermon & LIFEgroup notes

Session: 7 Emotional Health Matters 1 (Beloved/Fear & Disappointment)
LIFEgroup Notes Emotional Health Matters 1

Session: 8
Gratitude (See Day 19 of ‘Wellbeing’)
Sermon Notes (discussion questions at the end)

Slow down to be present (see Day 20 of ‘Wellbeing’)

We looked a the ‘Prayer of Awareness’ – you might to try that in LIFEgroup (see page 90).

Alternatively, we signposted the ‘Contemplative Tool Kit’  – feel free to pick one and try that as a group. Then share your experiences.

Session 10: Spiritual Renewal
Spiritual Renewal LIFEgroup Notes

Session 11: Prayer
Session 11: Prayer

Session 12: Spiritual Well-being – listening to God through his Word
Life Group & Sermon Notes

Session 13: Relational Well-being – loving others
Life Group & Sermon Notes 

Session 14: Relational wellbeing – Forgiveness & Reconciliation
Session 14: Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Life Group & Sermon Notes

Session 15: Vocational Wellbeing – Why am I here?
Vocational Wellbeing LG notes

Session 16: Financial Wellbeing
Life Group & Sermon Notes

Session 17: Recap
Session 17: Recap

Session 18: Shalom is for sharing
LIFEgroup notes