Two Studies for the start of 2021

Pursuing Godliness
Survival Mode

Advent Studies

For each week of advent there are some notes with questions; and also a short video from the Bible Project that you can use. (Click here to see all the videos)

Advent 1: Hope   (Click here for video)
Advent 2: Peace   (Click here for video)
Advent 3: Joy   (Click here for video)
Advent 4: Love   (Click here for video)


1. Intro Session: Tear Down, Clear Ground, Dig Deep
2. *NEW* Summary Session

The Big Church Read ( This is an exciting opportunity to be reading together the book, ‘The Ruthless elimination of Hurry’ – John Mark Comer. It is a 6-part session, with videos from the author to support and discussion questions. We are suggesting that you start the first session on the w/c Sunday 11th October, but the material will be available their website permanently.

To make the most of this you should get hold of a copy of the book, watch the video and read the relevant section of the book, then consider the questions.

Finding Joy


Discovering the foundation of joy in our life and ministry

Reflections in Psalms

Psalm 61

Derek Hopwood leads a devotional on Psalm 61 – a journey towards intimacy with God

Reflections in Psalms

Psalm 121

Claire Gerard leads us in a reflection on Psalm 121

Reflections in Psalms

Psalm 22

Dom Meering takes us through Psalm 22 and how it relates to the death of Jesus on the cross.

Grace Under Pressure:
CLICK HERE FOR An overview, with questions, to use for each study

Introduction: 2 Corinthians 12:1-10; John 3:1-21
Relationships: John 13:34-35; 1 Corinthians 13
Environment: Gen 2:3-3:24; Col 1:15-23; Ps 148        (links)
Time: Matthew 25:14-30; Psalm 90:12; Psalm 39:4
God on Mute: No Life Group Notes – as everyone is encouraged to join us for the two mid-week sessions on 4th and 11th Feb (7:45pm for refreshments 8pm start, Holy Trinity Church)
Money: 2 Co 8:1-9; 9:6-15; Matt 6:19-24
Health: Jonah 1&2         (Stress Handout)

Blessed to be a Blessing: Series Overview

Catalysts for Faith – full booklet:
Catalysts for Faith booklet (also available as a hard copy)