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A Marriage Blessing


For those wishing to remarry after divorce, here at Hazlemere Church we do offer a Marriage Blessing Service (after a civil ceremony has been conducted) for couples who live within the Parish of Holy Trinity or are members of the Parish Electoral Roll or have a qualifying connection with the church, for example:

  • one of you has been baptised or confirmed at Holy Trinity
  • one of you or your parents has lived in the Parish for six months
  • one of you or your parents has worshipped at Hazlemere Church for six consecutive months
  • one of your parents or grandparents were married at Holy Trinity Church

To have a Blessing Service in the Church of England you both need to be UK citizens.


The Blessing Service is a fantastic celebration of the love between two people.  During the Blessing Service you will make life long promises and a commitment to one another in the presence of family, friends and God.

Click here for an overview of the service.


The first step is to phone or email and make contact with one of the clergy or our Marriage Coordinator (Mrs Christine Marks). She is generally in the Church Office on Friday mornings.  She will arrange to meet with you and complete the necessary formal arrangements with you.

We ask all couples having a blessing in this church to attend our Marriage Workshop. This is an informal gathering with other couples getting married at Hazlemere Church and takes place on a Sunday afternoon around the end of January

One of our clergy will be assigned to take your blessing and will be happy to meet with you to talk further about the process.